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Tomato Basil Pistou

Yvonne Tally
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Pistou is paste in French, and as any flavor enhancer, the possibilities are endless. I use this one on my homemade chicken and vegetable soup, as a marinade on meats and as sauce with stock for light pasta. The key to the vibrant flavor is low heat so the flavors can infuse and expand.

Yields 1 cup
Keeps refrigerated 5-7 days

Roma tomatoes 2 cups chopped (about 10)
fresh basil 1 bunch (about 20 leaves)
garlic 4 cloves crushed
olive oil 1/4 cup (extra virgin or good quality)
sea salt to taste
pancetta optional 2 thick slices, cubed
  1. If using pancetta, sauté until crisp. Set aside. Do not wash pan.
  2. Place tomatoes, garlic in pan with olive oil in pancetta pan on low heat. Let “infuse” for 30-45 minutes. It should never sizzle, only simmer low.
  3. Slice basil into thin strips (chiffonade). Mix into tomatoes and garlic. Turn off heat and let infuse for 30 minutes. Heat slightly before serving.


If you want to eat this in a hurry, forego the cooking time and gently simmer the tomatoes until soft; add the basil and serve. It will taste even better the next day after it has rested and the flavors have infused more.


Yvonne Tally

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