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Work With Me

My commitment and passion as a teacher is to light the way for my clients so they can break through the blocks that are holding them back from living the life they desire.


My V-MindFitness is a series of mindful and practical techniques designed to reveal restrictive behaviors and beliefs. My solution-based problem-solving process brings forth more collaborative communication, empathetic conflict resolution, and illuminates personal awareness. My work is centered around developing the power of positive thought, a willingness to actively listen and to establish a pay-forward mindset that allows greater opportunities to mentor and guide one another.

I begin with the premise that what you focus on is what you create. By changing the inner voice narrative, you can write a new story and align your energy and efforts to the forefront of your thinking. When you do that, you can begin living that story, that reality, in real time. Let me help you start living your life with more gusto and passion.

Presentations & Workshops

My mindfully inspired presentation and workshops are focused on empowering women to lead lives with intrepid purpose and unregretful spirit. A stimulating and engaging talk begins with honest storytelling that can unify the audience in a shared experience. To that end, I clearly express a well-crafted and thoughtful message and deliver it with just the right amount of research and information that fosters meaningful conversation and change-making curiosity.

Corporate/Business Consulting

You’re attitude and energy influences everyone in your organization. If one of your goals is to powerfully align your mission with your passion, I can help you do that. You’ll establish authentic tenets that will heighten a sense of partnership and your commitment to boldly care for those individuals that have come together to be the dynamic team you have envisioned.

Private Group and Individual Training

Do you feel stuck? Is your life moving at a pace that you feel like you’re running after it and can’t catch up with it? And what happened to all those dreams and adventures you said you would have in life? Relationships not what you imagined? Or do you simply want to begin living your life with more purpose, self-compassion, and fun? Lets’ work together and I’ll guide you as you explore new ways to bring more or what you desire into your life.