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Mindful Monday: The Power of Your Intention

Yvonne Tally
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Intention is the center of all your dreams, your achievements, your goals, and the interaction of everything you do and think.

The power of knowing what you want, and having clear intention for it, will fuel you through challenges and setbacks. Intention also stimulates your inspiration, supports new ways of solving problem, and helps reset priorities. If you are clear about why you are seeking your goals and aspirations, you will harness an unbelievable amount of internal power – the power of your intention. When you decide to consciously set your intention, you will simultaneously release your creativity and natural ability to excel along a calm and unforced path.

Today, before beginning your day, set your intention of what you want this day to bring. Pause for a moment now, silently ask yourself “What do I want today to bring?” and “What is my intended outcome for this?”. Take a deep breath, and go about your day. You will ease your thinking from unnecessary mind-spinning and worry, and your day will unfold in the direction of your intention. Trust your intention, and let it work for you today.


Yvonne Tally

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