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Mindful Monday: The Mini Mind Refresher

Yvonne Tally
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Monday is a new beginning to a new week, and I know your calendar is packed, and taking time for yourself can be challenging. But just three minutes of mindful breathing can change the course of your day, even your week! Take Three Minutes today to recharge your mind; doing so will help you relax, lower your blood pressure, and help your mind open to finding solutions that can’t be seen when you are rushing or distracted by the business of the day. This Mini Mind Refresher is a time out, and a great way to refuel your sense of calm and ignite your energy.  Step outside and enjoy the beautiful spring day, find a place to sit, and close your eyes. Focus on one word, “one” or “calm” or “breathe” are focusing words that will help bring you back to mindfulness when your mind begins to drift – and it will drift. Our minds are like two years old – they like to wonder and get distracted easily. Just keep repeating your focusing word when this happens. Think of it as nourishing your mind so you can go about your day feeling more centered, aware, and with a sense of renewed focus. I promise, you will feel refreshed!




Yvonne Tally

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