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Mindful Monday: Summer… A Natural Remedy

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Summer brings us outdoors into the world of nature; grabbing the attention of our senses with a feast of revitalizing energy. This time of year signals our bodies to move, restore, and mingle with nature. It’s also a time to refresh our thinking and edit stale ideas that are inhibiting us from reaching our goals. Nature’s effortless balances flow and function. Streams move in one direction, and in doing so their water washes away stagnant residue while simultaneously refreshing the ecosystem. Wind blows and releases the dead leaves from the tree’s branches while it refreshes the air we breathe. The abundant summer foods are fresh and light, needing no or very little cooking. From the soil to our table the bounty of summer refuels us.

Natural remedies are abundantly found in the scenery, sounds, and scents of nature. This week, take a moment each day to notice this season of earth abundance. Notice what makes you feel calm and brings you back to center. This way you can access that space, sound, or scent when you need it the most. Merging with nature will revitalize your body, mind, and soul, all in one perfect harmonious breath.





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