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Mindful Monday: Focus

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What we focus on is what we create, and it all begins with our thoughts – an incredibly powerful source of renewable energy. Each of us can help shift the world’s current energy tide and bring a new awareness and understanding to the global consciousness. This week, use the F.O.C.U.S. technique to restore your thoughts and realign your energy. Choose one letter each day of the week as your daily mantra and centering thought. Use them to help bring your heart and mind in alignment with what you choose to create; in doing so you will help the world find her harmony once again.

F – Freedom from FearChoose to focus on that which you desire, not what you fear.

O – Observe Don’t JudgeAllow yourself to observe and suspend all judgment. Judgment creates turmoil in our minds and leaves little space for peace.

C- Calm and CompassionateBe the voice that remains calm and the heart that is compassionate toward all.

U- UnityTogether we listen and build bridges, divided we are angry and build walls. Be the

voice that is sound.

S – SilenceTo remember who you are and what you offer to this world, in this moment.



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