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Mindful Monday: Shine Your Light

Yvonne Tally
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Letting go allows us to move to a higher, more expanded realm of awareness. In the aftermath of any event or experience that may leave us feeling unrest, confusion, or fear, letting go moves and arcs at different points depending on how tightly we hold to the outcome, and how deeply we are emotionally invested in our own experience. When we release, or surrender to those feelings, that’s when we open up and make space for a new reality to develop and appear. That doesn’t mean we become an emotional doormat or subdue our opinions or desires, quite the opposite. What it means is to release our attachments to feelings connected to the outcome. We can mourn the loss, but we must never lose our ability or our focus to rise above the clouds and seek a new view. When we create space and look for something new to enter our consciousness — our lives — and we guide our intentions with love and consideration for others, we bring light to all. This week, look for the light in others, and shine


Yvonne Tally

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