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Mindful Monday: Power of Imagination

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The power of imagination is limitless. It is an infinite reservoir of creativity, problem solving, and resourcefulness. Imagination allows us to explore concepts and ideas that may not be present in our current environment. However, our imagination gets the best of us when we are imagining the ‘worst’ or when we aimlessly let our minds wander in fear, judgment, and resentment.

Today, be aware when your mind begins to ramble off into random thoughts of negative what if scenarios. Take a moment and check in with how you are feeling. Are you anxious, fearful, or worried? After recognizing what you are feeling, take one minute to reboot your imagination and get it back on a powerful path of positive and creative thinking. Here’s how; 1) Take five deep breaths. This will help settle your mind and get you focused. 2) Answer the question “What do I want” in one short sentence. 3) Take one minute to see yourself doing, saying, or being exactly what you want and desire. Let go of judgment and rationality and let your mind flow in your one minute of positive and powerful imagination. Think of what you can create and stay focused on that throughout your day.




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