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Mindful Monday: In the Moment

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Life happens in the here and now. Yet, we move through our days with such flurry and hurry, much of our time gets lost or goes unnoticed. Our days are cataloged by the number of texts we tap out, the emails we respond to, and the endless distractions that draw our attention to somewhere other than where we are in the moment. Reacting rather than interacting has become the norm. And as much as we may want to slow down, it seems that the gas pedals of our life vehicles are stuck on the accelerators. It’s time to slow down, even if it’s for a moment. This week, at the beginning and close of your day, bring yourself back to the present with these six reminders.

  1. Breathe – five deep inhales and exhales.
  2. Be grateful – choose one person and say thank you out load.
  3. Mindful – place your attention on what you want, not what you fear.
  4. Awareness – always looking back in the past blocks your view for moving forward.
  5. Spiritual Reminder – energy flow where attention goes.
  6. 1-2-3 Mantra
    1. Listen without judgement or defense
    2. Think without ego or fear
    3. Answer with truth and compassion.






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