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Mindful Monday: Time

Yvonne Tally
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Time is an elusive complex dimension. Our perception dictates our measure of time; what may be ample time for me may not for you, and vice versa. When we feel out of time we become anxious, irritable, and impatient and it seems as though everyone around us is going a slower pace and in our way. And managing time can be challenging in today’s world; there are so many distractions that if not monitored, slice time into fragments of doing and hurry. Time is precious and making time for your body and your mind to connect can’t happen in the blur of busyness.

This week, set aside five minutes a day to simply be quiet. Just breathe and let your mind reboot in silence. Doing so will help calm your nerves, enhance your brain chemistry for better concentration, and refresh your overall feeling of wellbeing. And a little something extra comes with this quiet time; answers. In the space of quiet we often find answers to questions that get buried under the doing and hurry. So, take five, revive, and feel alive.




Yvonne Tally

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