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The Holiday Fat Attack: 10 Tips For Staying Trim During The Holidays

Yvonne Tally
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It’s that time of year again — gobble, gobble, and gobble. Too much gobbling and we start waddling all the way to the next office party or family gathering.

It’s all so inviting’..The music, the aromas, the eggnog, the candied nuts and tiny iced cookies. The crab cakes and cheesecakes. The potatoes, gravy, stuffing and pie.  The cheese puffs, cream puffs and dishes of sweets waiting for you as you enter your office.

It’s no wonder the average amount of weight a person gains during the 6 weeks of the holiday season is a whopping 6 lbs.! That’s an additional 21,000 calories in 6 weeks. Or simply: 6 sausage pizzas; 5 happy meals; 4 pounds of cashews; 3 lbs of butter; 2 pumpkin pies or a partridge in a pear tree. It is a carbohydrate, simple sugar love fest and it all ends up wrapped around our middles.

What’s a food lover to do?… Wire your jaw shut? Tell everyone you are fasting? Get the flu? Break up with your boyfriend? Get hypnotized or married?

All are sure ways not to gain weight during the holidays. But if that doesn’t appeal to you, here is Your Fit Gourmet’s

10 Tips For Staying Trim During The Holidays

Good luck and remember, HAVE FUN!

  1. A little “Something Before You Go”: Make sure you eat 2-4 oz. of protein such as some sliced turkey, chicken, soy products and drink 8 oz. of water about an 1 hour before your event. Just before heading into your event, drink another 6-8 oz. of water. Water levels are no more than 8 oz. every 20 minutes. I keep them on the hour. Protein and water will satiate the appetite and help stave off hunger and spontaneous eating.
  1. Alcohol: Always consume in moderation. If your are going to drink, drink one alcohol drink followed by a sparkling water with lime. You will still feel as though you are part of the crowd but will slow down the alcohol and sugar consumption.
  1. Drink-Drink-Drink — water that is. It will keep you hydrated and it is the key in assimilating fat. In other words, it helps dissolve and move that fat in your body.
  1. Add 1 Hour: By adding 1 hour of vigorous cardiovascular per week you will burn an additional 500 – 600 calories. Spit it up in  15 minutes segments, the same amount of time it takes to make your bed, brush your teeth and take a shower.
  1. Walk when possible:  5280 feet per week is 1 mile of additional physical activity. It takes an average of 15 minutes to walk one mile. You will burn about 100 calories per mile walking at a moderate intensity. You should feel an increase in your heart rate but not winded.  Use the Talk Test, that is, you should be able to say your full name and address without gasping. If you have an hour for lunch, spend the first 15 minutes walking. Your appetite will be suppressed and you will find your food choices will be more mindful, thus less caloric.  Check outwww.thewalkingsite.com for more information.
  1. Keep it light: Consume most of your meals while it is daylight. Try not to eat a meal or anything heavy less than two hours before bedtime. Leave the last two hours before you go to bed for reading or conversation, not food.
  1. Tell a friend: Going to a holiday party can be a success if you have a friend with you that shares your efforts.
  1. Pass on the appetizers and the bread: Count to 20 before you stick your hand into the bread basket or appetizer plate; trust me, it is all the time you need to come to your senses and remind yourself, “I am not saying ‘No’, I am saying ‘Yes’ to me and my goal.”
  1. Make a menu. I know, I am always saying make a menu.  That’s because it really works. But your holiday menu should include not only what you are going to eat, but include rewards for you that will help keep your stress level down and your enjoyment up. Even if it is a cup of tea or coffee at your favorite coffee hangout, or a pedicure with an extra long foot massage, or a conversation with a friend lying on your bed in your PJ’s instead of while you are driving home. Put simple “You Moments” on your calendar for the 6 weeks over the holidays and treat yourself to a bit of time. Most people overeat and gain weight because they are trying to fulfill something besides their tummies. Take a moment to breathe and say “hello” to you.

10.  Embrace your strength and you will succeed!


Yvonne Tally

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