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3 Practices For Moving Ahead Through Tough Times

Yvonne Tally
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My mother always said, “It doesn’t matter what happens, it only matters how you handle it.”

No matter what difficulty you may be facing, the following three practices will help ignite your inner strength while navigating through uncertainty.

  1. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING – What You Think Is What You Create

Attitude will dramatically alter any experience. An attitude of gratitude may seem a far reach during tough times, but practicing positivity is essential for moving forward, supporting others, finding solutions, and moving closer to what you truly desire. And since we get to decide our attitudes, why not choose one that enhances well-being. An optimistic attitude is like glitter — throw it up in the air and it will stick to everything it touches — including those around us!

  1. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT – Not What You Don’t

When you attune your thoughts and emotions to a particular goal you consciously ignite your subconscious and unconscious mind towards resourceful actions and behavior. Conversely, if you are swirling in chaos and fluster you will manufacture more of the same. Take a moment to realize what you are paying attention to and if it’s not serving you, shift your thinking. Look for what you want and by doing so, you will bring more of that into your life.


Bringing your new attitude front and center and focusing on what you want will effortlessly attract like-minded people into your life space. Pessimistic people don’t like being surrounded by positive people and they will seek others who allow them to stay in their negativity. As your Positive Posse energetically multiplies the Debbie Downers hanging around will move on, clearing your energetic space for more positivity to prevail.


Yvonne Tally

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