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Begins March 21 2022



Journey To You… the next chapter

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Registration closes March 21 2022


JOURNEY TO YOU… the next chapter   

8 Week Online Course begins 3/21/22

Are you a smart dynamic woman who has achieved success and experienced a full life and eager to take a bold leap into your next chapter, but don’t know where to start? Is your soul-led purpose calling you to rise and share your gifts with more people, but something is holding you back?

Are you ready for you next big adventure in life? Do you  know what you want and need to make it happen?

  • Is it that dream business that fills your soul and your bank account?
  • Is it a relationship that brings you more emotional connection and soulful passion?
  • Is it energetic and vibrant wellness?
  • Or –  is it a pivot in your career path you’re ready to leap into and need clarity and confidence to take that step?

WHATEVER it may be, in this 8-week self-empowerment course, I will guide you to discover your joyful passion and most meaningful purpose so you feel unstoppable in your commitment to take that leap, and bring your best life forward


UNSTICK from limiting habits and beliefs so you feel confident to go after what you want

EMBODY your brilliance and ignite that power within you as your design your path forward

LAUNCH your soul-led purpose into the next chapter of your life with clarity, confidence and joy! The Live Mindfully Bold 21-day Method gives you the pillars, path, and process to make it happen

In 8-Weeks or less, you’ll implement the LMB 21-day Method and transform your Next Chapter DREAM into your Now REALITY

Journey To You


Have questions?

Not sure you’re ready to take this journey? Let’s chat and find out how I can help you live the life you desire and make your dreams your reality

I’m here to help people – just like you –  to feel the best they are ready to feel

Our initial conversation will help both of us determine exactly what you want, and what you need so you can leap into your joy and success. And don’t worry about your privacy — our conversation is private as is your contact information.

Let’s do this… your life is waiting for you to say YES to yourself, now!

Please email me at yvonne@yvonnetally.com

Journey To You – Schedule 2022

Mondays – On Demand Masterclass & Worksheets – on demand access dropped directly to your email
Wednesdays – 5pm PST LIVE Laser Coaching & Group Masterclass
Thursdays – Supercharge Your Transformation Tips –on demand access dropped directly to your email
Fridays – Meditation with Yvonne  – on demand access dropped directly to your email

BONUSES – ($397 Value)

  • Life time access – Journey To You Masterclass
  • 20-minute discovery call – In this one-on-one call, Yvonne will provide clarity and direction for your upcoming journey
  • Manifesting Empowerment Meditation Series
  • Maintaining Your Momentum Series
  • 6 Secrets To Know Before Starting Your Dream Business


Module 1 – STUCK… What’s In Your Way & How to Eliminate the Blocks

Modules 2 – Say YES To You… Discover Your Uniquely YOU Superpower

Module 3 – Making Your Dream Your Reality… Align Your Purpose & Awaken Your Feminine Fire

Module 4 – Design Your Path Forward Part 1… Bridging the Gap Between Belief & What’s Real

Module 5 – Design Your Path Forward Part 2… Embrace Your Brilliance

Module 6 – Your Dream-To-Reality Itinerary Part 1… Your Power Alignment

Module 7 – Your Dream-To-Reality Itinerary Part 2… Time to Leap and Supercharge Your Journey

Module 8 – 6 Steps to Your Buoyantly Bold Chapter… The Secret To A Compelling Future

100% MoneyBack Guarantee

If you don’t have the tools to be the joyful success that you are meant to be, then I haven’t done my job! I feel so confident that you are committed to make the transformation you seek and that you’ll do the work needed to make it happen. I believe in you. And after participating in the Journey To You 8-week course, if you do not feel you have the tools and you are not inspired to move forward, I will refund your entire investment. All that is required to receive a refund is that you…

Attend all the live Wednesday laser coaching sessions

Listen and complete all the pre-recorded sessions

That’s it! I’m doing everything I can to set you up for the success you envision – we are partners in this – I’m here to see you LEAP into your dream, whatever it may be!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey, Yvonne